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Cristina Tulcidas

Times are changing. The world is changing. And at this point it doesn’t matter how good or bad of a designer I am.
What truly matters is the change we are able to make through our work. And as professional and human being, I want nothing more than to be able to create work that will help be a part of this change. The change to make the world a better place for us to live in. To restore it back to what it used to be before manmade industrialisation. I urge you to think beyond yourself. It is imperative and absolutely indispensable to do so, if we want our children to have a better future.

Apologies for the rant, down to business!

Heisann! I’m Cristina! A punk-rock enthusiast, who has a penchant for the 90’s and 00’s greatest hits, loves any kind of street food and is obsessed with Daniel Sloss’s (stand-up comedy) Live Shows. Oh, and I’m also the mother of the most beautiful italian mastiff @nohacanecorso!

I consider myself a tireless thinker, seeker of knowledge and self-aware introvert. I’m passionate about physics, philosophy and psychology and I have a thing* for Norway. I believe in animal welfare, human rights and equality; and environmental and ecological sustainability.

“Anything that costs your peace, is too expensive


Alongside two other spectacular ladies (Kelly Mestre – Head of Development and Sara Rijo – Data & Machine Learning Specialist), I’m currently the product designer at AI Coaching GmbH focusing on Machine Learning interfaces. I also have experience in product management and team leadership as well as a multidisciplinary background. Some really cool graphic designer friends of mine are Morgan Bastos and Inês Gonçalves if you’d like to know more about the people who surround me.

If you happen to have any more burning questions, just get in touch with me at CV Coming soon.

“It’s harder to be better. But the impact of better is far more valuable than the impact of more.” – Bård Annweiler in the book Point of Purpose.


Coming January 2020

Geek Sessions – Faro 

Machine Learning & Design (with Sara Rijo)

25 May 2019

Faro DEVDAY19 @ Turbine Kreuzberg

UX is smart. UX is kind. UX is emotion.

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22 Março 2019

“Back to School” Project @ UAlg, ESEC

From Northen Europe to the South, empathy in the heart

23 November 2018 Geek Girls Portugal – Faro 1st Event @ Turbine Kreuzberg

Cross-Collaboration: Why devs and designers work better together

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“Having empathy is an important skill as a designer because at the end of the day you’re designing something to make someone’s life better. In order to do this, you have to empathise with the people you’re building for.”