I consider myself a tireless thinker and seeker of knowledge. Life philosopher and self-aware introvert. I run on as many hours of sleep as I can get — no less than 7 to be exact, and I can’t live without dogs, chocolate and bread with any kind of dip or sauce — all in that exact order. I may not be an award-winning designer (yet!) but I’ve had a poster published in the “200 Ways to Tackle Nuclear Power and Radiation Pollution” book by Shinjindo Inc. I’ve been an event-organizer, participant and attendee at the Algarve Design Meeting conference while I was still at Uni and I’ve attended a few IxDA Oslo Meetups. More recently, I gave my very first talk on “Cross-collaboration: Why designers and developers work better together” at the Geek Girls Portugal – Faro first event @Turbine Kreuzberg. Feeling very passionate on talking about what it is that I do and educating the IoT sector on UI and UX, I have also started working on a new subject (UX is kind. UX is smart. UX is emotion) where I want to delve into why UX is both design & development, or so, more tech than art.

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