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Cristina Tulcidas is a Product UX Designer, crafting conscious experiences that help people. With +1k reads on her article about cross-collaboration, she has…

Created a proposal to strategically improve’s outdated interface

Designed a new and improved visual appearance for Flat’s iOS and Android user interfaces, which were no longer efficient in driving product consistency with the most recent feature improvements and affected user retention.

Increased user engagement by over 20% and instilled confidence for beginners and first-time users

Improved the onboarding experience of Flat’s musical notation composition software by simplifying the basics of inputting notes with a guided and interactive tutorial.

Led the design and participated in the product strategy definition for AI Coaching’s digital health coaching management solution

End-to-end development of a ML digital health coach bot, designed to help professionals further develop themselves through practical digital training and live coaching sessions.

Improved performance on the search of digital certifications offered by the German Chamber of Commerce

Designed an innovative AI chatbot search interface solution to create a single source and unified platform for all digital certifications offered by the German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK).

Managed a small team of junior developers, and led the end-to-end design of a digital educational management platform

An accelerating education vision-based platform database that focuses on enabling shared trainings for professional educators.

speaking & writing

“It’s harder to be better. But the impact of better is far more valuable than the impact of more.” Bård Annweiler in the book Point of Purpose.

On occasion I enjoy talking to the community about the importance of design and cross-collaboration in tech-teams, and sharing my thoughts on medium.

Growing UX / Design maturity in Tech teams

Coming soon

Tech teams from a designer’s pov

UX is smart. UX is kind. UX is emotion.

Back to school project

Mar 22, 019 — UAlg, University of Algarve

Why devs and designers work better together

Nov 23, 018 — Geek Girls Portugal

let’s connect

💌 I am available for new opportunities, and for a coffee over discussions related to the UX design realm.

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