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Cristina Tulcidas


Born in 1990 Cristina Tulcidas is currently the UI/UX Product Designer at AI Coaching GmbH

Hola Barcelona (2015) Credits to: Inês Gonçalves

Curious, effectiveness-oriented and passionate about solving complex, deeply-human challenges, Cristina thrives in building empathic solutions that will help make people’s lives better. Her approach relies on cross-collaboration, shared values and consistent and long-term strategies.

Throughout the years, Cristina’s experience has varied from small digital business’s to ambitious startups and international solutions. Most of her work has been focused on building web-based products from scratch, starting from a PoC stage to beta versions and finally, live systems.

She believes great work comes from great partnerships; thus why mentioning a few dear fellow colleagues whom she collaborates with: Sara Rijo (Data Science& Machine Learning Specialist); Kelly Mestre (Fullstack Developer); Gustavo Jordão (Fullstack Developer); Vanessa Nascimento (Scrum Master & Agile Consultant); Morgan Bastos (Art Director & Graphic Designer) and Inês Gonçalves (Brand & Graphic Designer).

Fun Facts

A punk-rock enthusiast, who has a penchant for the 90’s and 00’s greatest hits; loves any kind of street food; is obsessed with Daniel Sloss’s (stand-up comedy) and mother to the most beautiful italian mastiff.

She considers herself a tireless thinker, seeker of knowledge, life philosopher and self-aware introvert. Passionate about physics, philosophy and psychology and forever in love with Norway*. Life-long advocate of communication and believer of animal welfare, human rights and equality; and environmental and ecological sustainability.

Last but not least, she doesn’t believe in extreme #feminism, but more so on #inclusivity.


Product Designer (Focusing on ML)
(at) AI Coaching GmbH; 100% REMOTE, Feb 2019 – Current position

UI/UX Designer & PM
(at) Evodeck Software; Portugal, Nov 2017 – Jan 2019

(at) Algarvexcite; Protugal, Oct 2016 – Dec 2017

Junior Designer
(at) Triplesky; Portugal, May 2016 – Oct 2016

Junior Designer
(at) Critérios Criativos; Portugal, Nov 2015 – May 2016

Intern Designer
(at) Opera Software ASA; Norway, 2015

Trainee Designer
(at) Studio Netting AS; Norway, 2014


“The importance of UX for Machine Learning Systems” w/ Sara Rijo
Awaiting new date: Geek Sessions, Faro

“UX is smart. UX is kind. UX is emotion.”
(at) Turbine Kreuzberg 10:00h – 25 May 2019: DEVDay, Faro

“From the North to the South: empathy in the heart”
(at) UAlg, University of the Algarve 14:00h – 22 March 2019: Back to School, Faro

“Cross-collaboration: why devs and designers work better together”
(at) Turbine Kreuzberg 19:30h – 23 Nov 2018: Geek Girls Portugal, Faro


Team Managment & Leadership
(at) Terra da Perfeição; 2018

Communication Design
(at) UAlg, University of the Algarve – Faculty of Education and Communication; 2011-2014

Urbanism Architecture
(at) FAUL, University of Lisboa – Faculty of Architecture; 2012

Self-portrait (2014) Credits to: Andreia Cacho, Cristina Correira, Inês Gonçalves, Jessica Camacho, Sandra Mendonça, Telma Clara

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